Buying Guide: Gifts Under $25

Little price tags.  Big smiles.

HydroFlask True Pint: Absolute game changer for coffee and beer in the comfort of your own home.  I’m a huge coffee drinker, so I love a good mug.  Totally sold on these.  Can’t say enough good things about them.

Magpul Daka Pouches: Magpul might not be a familiar name for you if you’re not into shooting sports, but they are well respected for their innovative products and top tier design.  The DAKA pouches are flexible polymer pouches with YKK Aquaguard zips designed to keep your stuff clean, dry, and organized.  They weigh more than your standard dry sacks, but they’re also way more durable.  Mine has been great as a phone/keys/wallet container, pens/headphones/cables organizer, and eating tools/toiletries pouch while out on the trails.

Sawyer Mini: This is a no brainer.  100,000 liters of clean water: probably the best thing you can spend 25 bucks on.  Use it as a squeeze filter, a straw to drink directly from the source, or splice it as in-line filter with your reservoir.

Therm-a-Rest Z Seat: I carry a Z-Lite Sol pretty much everywhere with me when I’m outside, and I get asked by newcomers all the time, “Hey man, what’s that yellow thing?”  The Z Seat and Z Lite are simple, closed cell foam pads with a heat reflective coating and allow you to sit comfortably pretty much wherever you want.  Closed cell foam won’t absorb water so your bum stays dry and the heat reflective coating is noticeably warmer than sitting elsewhere. (The silver reflective side should be facing up toward your bum if you want to reap the warming benefits of the coating.)

Black Diamond Moji: The Moji not only has an incredibly cute name, but is worth every one of its four ounces. With a 100 lumen max setting, a 4 lumen low setting, and a dimmer switch that allows you to set the output anywhere in between, the Moji makes a great camp lantern to hang above the kitchen or in the tent with its foldable hooks.  It’s also quiet durable as I haven’t been so kind to mine and yet it still lights the way.

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