Fanny Packs that Don’t Suck: Urban

Title Image by Ben Filio Photography

This has been a long time coming. Smaller. Lighter. Less. Minimalistic. In a culture where more has always been more: we’re ready to down size.

Phone. Keys. Wallet–Urban essentials et al. Here are three bags you can be proud to hang off your rump. Or wear as a satchel.  Whatever.  You’ll rock it when you’re ready. 

There’s been a recent resurgence in popularity of the fanny and for good reason. They make sense. Today’s argument for the fanny pack is simplicity. It’s designed to carry the things you’d traditionally have in your pockets, on your person, and not much else. Because, well shoot, you’re not going to need much other than that for a day on the town.  I’ve taken it upon myself to dive deep into the wonderful world of the fanny pack, and as the days go by, I’ll be hitting you with the best options for the urban, crossover, and outdoor categories.

Here are your best options for the day-to-day city life.

Kovacs Company

The Mercury Side Pack from Kovacs Company

Anthony Kovacs is a one man brand. He’s been cranking out semi-custom bags from of his Pittsburgh studio for a couple years now, but has recently gained a lot more traction with some dope NASA inspired bags. I was lucky enough to catch up with him for some one-on-one design talk last year–more on that soon.

Kovacs hand makes each of these 1000D sling and fanny style bags for tooling around the city with just enough space for the essentials. The heavier weight nylons gives the bag structure when it isn’t stuffed full, and will essentially just last forever. Gotta love a Pittsburgh kid. Custom color ways n’at. Get yours here.

SAND Packs & Clothing

Slim Sling by SAND

Portland creative Chris Leiter runs the SAND label and has cranked out some dope looking slings and hip packs in short order. Also on that 1000D train, Leiter has taken it upon himself to wax coat some of the fabrics he’s working with. This process gives an already burly fabric an additional weather proof boost while giving it a classic aged appearance.

These bags have been moving quick. Get yours here and check out the brand’s Instagram  page to get the drop on one-offs and in stock goods.

Madden Equipment

Day Tripper 1.jpg
Madden Equipment’s Day Tripper

Boulder, Colorado based heritage brand, Madden Equipment, has been doing this longer than pretty much everyone–and they still look good. The Day Tripper is the classic iteration of what a fanny pack really is. Just enough for a day on the trail or out about town.

As always, Madden makes all its products in Colorado with USA sourced materials. Check out their other classic bags here.

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