Review: Greenroom136 Bootstrap

Malaysian manufacturer Greenroom136 has been in the urban carry game since 2011 making some really hardwearing 1000D backpacks, messengers, and travel accessories. While they’ve been busy refining their style over the last six years, my first hands-on experience with the brand was just recently when I got to test drive one of their small Bootstrap bags.

The Bootstrap is a classic and clean city messenger dialed for the active urban lifestyle. It’s worked well for me while running errands, working between meetings at the coffee shop, and while on the go—this has really proven to be a functional EDC messenger bag. Continue reading “Review: Greenroom136 Bootstrap”

Brand Spotlight: Superior Wilderness Designs

There is no higher dignity in the backpacking world than using products that you yourself have made on the long trails. Backpackers by trade are a resourceful bunch—and they need to be, moving between resupply points with unexpected gear failures through some of the last great lengths of wilderness. Teach a man to fish, right?

That’s exactly where Brandon McIntyre of Superior Wilderness Designs comes from. Raised in a costume shop, McIntyre was never a stranger to sewing machines, so when he started backpacking in his youth, he put the two together early on and hasn’t looked back since. The Romeo, Michigan based 26-year-old started selling ultra-lightweight packs just last year, but don’t let his tenure fool you—he’s come a long way from altering Halloween costumes.  Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: Superior Wilderness Designs”

Knives We’re Digging

Damn, the Olympic Peninsula is wet. We were recently out on the Washington coast with no readily dry wood for (perceivably) miles because, you know, it’s a rain forest right next to an ocean. Trying to get a fire going there can be, well, trying. That’s not to say there isn’t any dry wood, but sometimes you’ve got to work for it. Hopefully you brought a trusty knife. Continue reading “Knives We’re Digging”

Review: Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho

Therm-a-Rest currently holds the title for most useful product in my closet–shout out to the Z-lite Sol. I have very high standards of the products that I consistently carry out into the wilderness, so if my bias for insulated ponchos played a little into my opinion of the Honcho Poncho, it certainly exceeded my expectations and is more technical than I suspected.  I got one as a gift in January after researching it extensively on paper, and I’m reporting back after a few field uses that it’s so close to being the real deal. Continue reading “Review: Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho”

Review: Jet Boil Mighty Mo

Jet Boil released their newest stove, the Mighty Mo, on January 1 of this year, but I picked mine up at REI back in October when it was an in-store exclusive. It’s the first individual burner Jet Boil has produced, filling an obvious gap in their product line. It’s lightweight, rugged, and packs 10,000 BTUs in a compact package for backcountry and emergency cooking. Continue reading “Review: Jet Boil Mighty Mo”

Review: Cnoc Outdoors Vertex Trekking Poles

Cnoc Outdoors is a Portland, OR company that just entered the market with the introduction of their Vertex poles.  The Vertex poles are a hybrid Z pole/flick lock style aluminum and carbon trekking pole that folds down to an impressive 14.5 inches.  This is a brand-new product, from a brand new company and we were pretty excited to see how the unique design translated to trail performance. Continue reading “Review: Cnoc Outdoors Vertex Trekking Poles”