Review: Cnoc Outdoors Vertex Trekking Poles

Cnoc Outdoors is a Portland, OR company that just entered the market with the introduction of their Vertex poles.  The Vertex poles are a hybrid Z pole/flick lock style aluminum and carbon trekking pole that folds down to an impressive 14.5 inches.  This is a brand-new product, from a brand new company and we were pretty excited to see how the unique design translated to trail performance. Continue reading “Review: Cnoc Outdoors Vertex Trekking Poles”

Review: Clothing Arts Cubed Travel Jacket

Clothing Arts, of Brooklyn, New York, has created what they believe is the solution to all your weatherproof and travel needs.  The Cubed Travel Jacket has been designed to be the Alfa and Omega of waterproof hard shells: to be at home on the trail as it is at the office, and to be honest, it certain looks like it.   Continue reading “Review: Clothing Arts Cubed Travel Jacket”

Review: Urban Armor Gear Composite Cases

Urban Armor Gear caught wind of our Buying Guide: Gifts Under $50 and decided to send over a case for a review.  It’s a pretty impressive little package.

I’ve always been a tough love kinda guy.  I take care of my things, but I expect them to perform.  My phone is no exception, so I pick my cases with great care and the UAG Composite has lived up to my standards. Continue reading “Review: Urban Armor Gear Composite Cases”

Review: Mountain Standard 28L Utility Pack

Originally posted on Carryology.

I commuted with the Mountain Standard 28L Utility Pack for a month and took it out to play in the Cascade Range of Washington for a 10 mile out-and-back.  I normally wouldn’t carry a bag like this on a hike, it’s missing a solid hip belt and the back panel is very minimal, but I was only taking ~5kg and the weather was on the cooler side. Continue reading “Review: Mountain Standard 28L Utility Pack”