The Bug-Out Bag: What to Include and How to Get Started

Originally posted on Carryology.

Whether you worry about an earthquake, tsunami, extended power outage, or civil unrest, there are plenty of reasons to have a go-bag ready to get you through the uncertainty of the next 72 hours.  There are two huge geologic threats in the PNW that could disrupt my routine at any given moment: Mt Rainier and the New Meridian Fault.  Three if we begin to think about the massive infrastructure failures that could develop in the aftermath of either.  Long story short, it’s worthwhile to think about what you’re going to do in the event that you need to take care of yourself.  Continue reading “The Bug-Out Bag: What to Include and How to Get Started”

American Trail Etiquette

On June 30th I went on a hike to Upper Wildcat Lake (UWC) via the Snow Lake Trail Head in Washington’s Snoqualmie Pass region.  It’s a beautiful 8-mile hike to a backcountry lake that’s rarely visited, but the first two miles are a super highway to the extremely popular Snow Lake.  Snow Lake pulls locals and tourists alike because of its relative easy and huge visual reward.  My June 30th hike in wasn’t terrible—maybe a dozen or so folks out on the trail as I made my way in. Continue reading “American Trail Etiquette”

West of the Pass: My 5 Favorite I-90 Hikes

The I-90 corridor is a magical place that injects adventure seekers right into the heart of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near the Snoqualmie region of the Central Cascades.  On a good day, you can be hiking within an hour of Seattle.  That’s a hard-to-beat commute considering that the views are some of the best in the state (for being right off a major highway).  So I’ll tackle these from west to east as we drive out of Seattle and into the mountains.  Continue reading “West of the Pass: My 5 Favorite I-90 Hikes”