Guided Trip Testimonies

Keith Robinson Jr., Olympic National Park:

Kieth on the Pacific Coast.

“Recently, Colin Kimball and I took a trip out west to the Seattle area. We were interested in traversing Olympic National Park but had no clear direction of what to do or what we needed to hike/camp there. Frankly, we probably wouldn’t have lasted a day out there by ourselves, as it was our first time really camping. Fortunately, we were able to link up with Andrew who dropped some serious knowledge on us, steering us in the right direction regarding the basics for the best gear, food, etc., also providing us with the necessary gear we were lacking. With his guidance, we were able to do what we set out to do despite the conditions (18+ inches in the Hoh Rainforest). We put our full faith in Andrew’s survival skills (and ability to not let us die) and I can attest that he made us feel as safe as humanly possible. Looking forward to a guided trip with him in the near future. Thanks again for the incredible experience, Andrew.”