Gear Advice: I’ve been there, alone, scratching my head for twenty minutes at REI debating if I should get the 10 liter sil. nylon bucket or the 10 liter heavy duty folding bucket. Do I get the $80 headlamp, or the $50 version? If you have any questions just shoot me a message. I love talking about gear and if it results in you having a better outdoor experience, then it’s totally worth the time.  Do it for the greater good and drop me a line on the Ace-Outside Facebook page in the event others have a similar question.

Virtual Camp Coach: If you’ve got questions that require a little more attention in answering, like how to pack a bag, or how to set up a five-star campsite, or need help planning your trip, we can set up a time to video call so that you can get an audio/visual example of how I do things.  Again, it’s most beneficial to do via Facebook live so that others can benefit as well, but private video lessons are available as well. Send your questions through the Ace-Outside Facebook page and we will set something up.

Guided Trips: The full Monty! If you’re a beginner and would feel more comfortable going with someone who has more experience, that’s totally normal.  I’m available for guided trip services for groups as large as three in the Virginia stretch of the Appalachian range, RVA, and anywhere else that we can reasonably coordinate. If you don’t have a pack, a tent, or a sleeping bag, fret not. My gear closet has grown large and I’m able to nearly outfit two backpackers and myself. For inquiries, rates, and gear accommodations, send an email to or use the contact form below. Read our participants testimonies.

Design Consulting: As an outdoor enthusiast and DIYer, I’ve designed and sewn my own backpacks and sketched out about a hundred iterations of my ideal backpacking tent. With three years of retail management experience, a lifetime spent outside using these products, and a keen eye for smart design, I can offer a subjective user’s opinion of preproduction products. Please see my Gear Reviews as a baseline for my attention to detail—references available upon request. Send inquires to or use the contact form below.

Product Reviews: One of the goals on Ace-Outside is to shed light on the small brands that offer unique solutions to our outdoor and carry needs. If you’ve got a product that you think deserves some attention, send relevant press releases and review inquiries to or use the contact form below.

Content Creation: Outside this site, I’ve done work for Carryology, Thule, Red Bull, and The Dyrt to name a few. If you like what you see and need content for print or web, send an email to or use the contact form below.

Instructional Seminars: I offer live seminars and lessons for audiences as young as elementary school students and really enjoy teaching basic backpacking skills to interested parties. I am a certified Wilderness First Responder as well as a certified Secondary English teacher by the state of Pennsylvania. I’ve combined these two passions of mine and would love to share them with you. For examples of curriculum and other inquiries, send an email to or use the contact form below.

Backpacking 101: Instructional lesson for kids ages 4-6 during the Lake Arthur Regatta at Moraine State Park in Portersville, PA.