Brand Spotlight: Superior Wilderness Designs

There is no higher dignity in the backpacking world than using products that you yourself have made on the long trails. Backpackers by trade are a resourceful bunch—and they need to be, moving between resupply points with unexpected gear failures through some of the last great lengths of wilderness. Teach a man to fish, right?

That’s exactly where Brandon McIntyre of Superior Wilderness Designs comes from. Raised in a costume shop, McIntyre was never a stranger to sewing machines, so when he started backpacking in his youth, he put the two together early on and hasn’t looked back since. The Romeo, Michigan based 26-year-old started selling ultra-lightweight packs just last year, but don’t let his tenure fool you—he’s come a long way from altering Halloween costumes.  Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: Superior Wilderness Designs”

Brand Spotlight: Kovacs Company

Title image by Geo Jenkins

Anthony Kovacs fires up the heater in his studio. “Sorry about the cold,” he says as I zip up my puffy. Pittsburgh in the winter can be brutal—especially in this building: a cold, hollow warehouse that used to house an electrical switch manufacturing plant, tucked next to the Ohio River just down the street from the correction center. But for Kovacs, this is a sanctuary. Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: Kovacs Company”

American Trail Etiquette

On June 30th I went on a hike to Upper Wildcat Lake (UWC) via the Snow Lake Trail Head in Washington’s Snoqualmie Pass region.  It’s a beautiful 8-mile hike to a backcountry lake that’s rarely visited, but the first two miles are a super highway to the extremely popular Snow Lake.  Snow Lake pulls locals and tourists alike because of its relative easy and huge visual reward.  My June 30th hike in wasn’t terrible—maybe a dozen or so folks out on the trail as I made my way in. Continue reading “American Trail Etiquette”