Brand Spotlight: Superior Wilderness Designs

There is no higher dignity in the backpacking world than using products that you yourself have made on the long trails. Backpackers by trade are a resourceful bunch—and they need to be, moving between resupply points with unexpected gear failures through some of the last great lengths of wilderness. Teach a man to fish, right?

That’s exactly where Brandon McIntyre of Superior Wilderness Designs comes from. Raised in a costume shop, McIntyre was never a stranger to sewing machines, so when he started backpacking in his youth, he put the two together early on and hasn’t looked back since. The Romeo, Michigan based 26-year-old started selling ultra-lightweight packs just last year, but don’t let his tenure fool you—he’s come a long way from altering Halloween costumes.  Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: Superior Wilderness Designs”

Knives We’re Digging

Damn, the Olympic Peninsula is wet. We were recently out on the Washington coast with no readily dry wood for (perceivably) miles because, you know, it’s a rain forest right next to an ocean. Trying to get a fire going there can be, well, trying. That’s not to say there isn’t any dry wood, but sometimes you’ve got to work for it. Hopefully you brought a trusty knife. Continue reading “Knives We’re Digging”

Brand Spotlight: LightHeart Gear

When I first called Judy “HeartFire” Gross, she kindly asked me to call her back in fifteen minutes so that she could get her current project cut and “off the table.” I understood the urgency. Her business is growing. Judy admits to being camera shy and not owning a TV among other things. She’s very much the people’s backpacker—a mainstay topic on the lightweight forums, training for a marathon at 60, and way too busy for interviews. She’s got over 4,000 miles logged on trails from coast to coast, and she’s using that accumulated wisdom to make some of the most practical gear on the market. Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: LightHeart Gear”

Brand Spotlight: Kovacs Company

Title image by Geo Jenkins

Anthony Kovacs fires up the heater in his studio. “Sorry about the cold,” he says as I zip up my puffy. Pittsburgh in the winter can be brutal—especially in this building: a cold, hollow warehouse that used to house an electrical switch manufacturing plant, tucked next to the Ohio River just down the street from the correction center. But for Kovacs, this is a sanctuary. Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: Kovacs Company”

Brand Spotlight: EVERGOODS

Originally posted on Carryology.

EVERGOODS.  An honest intention, no?  One might think it were by design to have a namesake so intriguing. It makes sense that Jack Barley, the co-founder of GORUCK, and Kevin Dee, a master designer and the genius behind some of Patagonia’s most beloved projects, would want to capture the curiosity of the masses as they are so boldly poised to strike out on their own.  Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: EVERGOODS”